Who we are

We rely on intellectual capabilities of our employees. Whatever we do, we stay true to our shared values and jointly developed ethical standards. We strive to adapt to the needs of our clients whose satisfaction is for us of utmost importance.


Centrofarm is a responsible, specialized distributor of pharmaceutical products which provides excellent customer service and products at affordable prices.

  • unique account manager
  • expedient processing of orders and complaints
  • exclusive rights to some products
  • product storage and transport services



We are responsible for what we do and say. We treat others as we would like to be treated.


We are goal-oriented and strive to find customer-tailored solutions. We meet deadlines and fulfill our obligations, while achieving the target quality.

Continuous development

We adopt a positive attitude to change; we see change as the driver of progress. We create space and foster a positive approach for the exchange of ideas and innovations.

Working at Centrofarm

Centrofarm always looks for new talents in management, sales and storage.